An extraordinary rare Ferrari Enzo ZXX by Edo Competition and a Ferrari 458 on the German Autobahn!


Here some information about the Ferrari ZXX:

The Ferrari ZXX has a 6.5L Ferrari V12 motor, fully re-built by Edo Competition, and is capable of producing 950 horsepower. The car was outfitted with custom Edo Competition wheels and a brand new beastly exhaust system. The new vehicle design was inspired by the Ferrari FXX, but includes many small details to make it a one-of-a-kind hypercar. Rather than traditional side-view-mirrors, the Ferrari ZXX is outfitted with three back-up cameras with view screens inside the cabin of the car. Even the seats are fully customized. The old seats weighed just over 20 kilograms, and according to Rana, the new seats are around five kilograms. A completely new interior was constructed to give the Ferrari ZXX the complete look.