Another F12 tdf!


Some more information about the F12 tdf:

1) F12 TDF stands F12 for F12 Tour De France.

2) It’s the successor to the Ferrari 599 GTO.

3) 0-62 mph takes only 2.9 seconds.

4) The TDF is a harder, faster, track-focused version of the Ferrari F12.

5) The F12’s 6.3-litre V12 has been boosted from 730 to 769bhp.

6) The F12’s double-clutch box has been revised. The upshifts are 30 per cent faster downshifts 40 per cent.

7) At 200kmh (124mph),  the TDF makes 230kg of downforce, nearly double that of the standard F12.

8) The maximum power arrives at 8,500rpm.

9) The front tyres are eight per cent wider.

10) It’s a front-engined V12.